This website is operated by STUDIO KRIK KLEMEN RAZINGER S.P., Gradnikova cesta 95, Radovljica, 4240 Radovljica as a data controller. The administrator (hereinafter: the company) reserves the right to change or supplement the cookie policy without prior consultation or approval of the individual to whom the personal data relates. Therefore, it is recommended that you periodically check the Cookie Policy to be informed about the way cookies are used on this website. Also, in the case of changes to the cookie policy, the cookie banner is displayed again, which allows the data subject to choose cookies, taking into account the information from the amended and supplemented cookie policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the device of the user – the visitor of the website (to whom the personal data relates). Cookies are stored in the memory of your Internet browser and are designed to allow the website to recognise the user, which is especially useful for repeated visits to the website, when they enable the user’s previous settings, but can also recognise the user when visiting another website.

Cookies perform many different tasks that make your online experience easier and more interactive. They can be used, for example, to remember settings on websites you visit frequently, they can store user identity, shopping cart contents, etc. Therefore, they help you to navigate between web pages more efficiently. They also help ensure that the ads you see online are more relevant to you and tailored to your interests. Some of the information collected is intended to detect browsing patterns and approximate geographic location and to improve the user experience.

How do we use cookies and similar online tools?

We use different types of cookies, namely:

1. The first category is mandatory cookies, which the website uses to ensure the operation of basic functionalities, such as website navigation, access to protected parts of the website, etc. Without cookies from this group, the website does not work properly. As a website operator, we have access to these cookies and can read them. For example, they can remember whether you have already accepted or rejected the cookie policy. We do not need your consent to use these cookies, but we collect cookies based on our legitimate interest. These are primarily cookies that participate in authentication and technical cookies that are necessary for the operation and use of some related IT systems. Authentication cookies are saved when you log in to the website and stored on our authentication server.

2. The second category is the so-called analytical cookies, which are used to provide information about visitors’ interaction with the website. This type of cookie is collected anonymously. We use these cookies exclusively for our own research on how we can improve the service we offer to our website users. These cookies simply evaluate your interaction with our website as an anonymous user (the data collected does not reveal your identity). Data collected from anonymous cookies is not shared with third parties or used for any other purpose. We may share anonymized data with contractors who perform individual tasks for us on the basis of a relevant contract. We need your consent to use these cookies.

3. The third category is marketing cookies, which are used to track visitor activity on websites and to display advertising messages that are relevant and attractive to individual users based on their interests, and to evaluate the effectiveness of website content. We need your consent to use these cookies.

4. The fourth category of cookies is social media cookies, which are used to connect the website to a third party social media platform. They remember the user’s details after the user logs into the social media account from the website. Many social media cookies are set through plugins, widgets and sharing buttons. We need your consent to use these cookies.

At the same time, we inform you that individual cookies are provided by external providers, among other things, for the purpose of displaying content from external providers (mainly various social networks and websites for streaming video content, e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). To view content from third-party providers, you must also accept their terms of use, which include their privacy policy and cookie policy, over which we have no influence. Individual external providers are based or provide services relevant to the protection of personal data in a third country that does not offer the same level of data protection as in EU countries.

The set of individual categories of cookies that we use on the website can be seen from the tables below.

Mandatory cookies

PHPSESSID 								Establishing a user session.													When you close your web browser
cmplz_functional						Indicates the user's agreement to the use of cookies.							It does not expire
cmplz_preferences						Indicates the user's agreement to the use of cookies.							It does not expire
cmplz_banner-status					Indicates the user's agreement to the use of cookies.							It does not expire
cmplz_statistics							Indicates the user's agreement to the use of cookies.							It does not expire
cmplz_consented_services				Indicates the user's agreement to the use of cookies.							It does not expire
cmplz_policy_id 						Indicates the user's agreement to the use of cookies.							It does not expire

Analytical cookies

Google Analytics – utma Enables statistics of page views 2 years

Google Analytics- utmb It enables statistics based on the time of the user’s arrival on the page. 30 min

Google Analytics – utmc 					Enables statistics based on the time the user leaves the page.					When you close your web browser

Google Analytics – utmz It enables visit and sales statistics through various channels. 6 months

Google Analytics – utmv Allows segmentation of users on the page. 2 years

Google Analytics – ga Statistics of page views and analysis of sales through different sales channels. 6 months

Google Analytics – cid Statistics of page views and analysis of sales through different sales channels. 6 months

How to control cookies and their use

When you access our website, you will be automatically enabled to manage and select cookies via the cookie banner. If you do not wish to accept all cookies collected based on consent, the cookie banner will allow you to select only some of them or reject all (except mandatory cookies).

You will also be able to change the previous selection of cookies (except mandatory cookies) in the cookie settings located at the bottom of the website or here In the event of such a subsequent change to the cookies selected, we will still be able to use the data collected from the cookies before they were disabled, but we will stop collecting additional data based on the disabled cookies.

If you wish to change the way your browser uses cookies, including blocking or deleting cookies from any website, you can do so by changing the settings of the browser you are using. Instructions for changing cookie settings can be found using the “Help” option in your internet browser.